Functional ACL Braces


There are many benefits to wearing a functional knee brace. A knee brace provides stability, injury prevention, and can aid in rehabilitation.

In football, offensive linemen wear functional ACL braces which protect the ACL by preventing hyper extension, and also provide lateral support which prevents knee injuries if they were to get rolled up on.

Another common position to see wear a brace is the quarterback. Quarterbacks tend to wear ACL braces on their lead leg to prevent injury in case the exposed leg is hit low.


Knee braces can be used for activities ranging from skiing to soccer to wake boarding to hiking. Basically, if you're active you could benefit from a knee brace!

There are plenty of options whether it is the OA Nano to alleviate the pain that comes from Osteoarthritis, the Armor to get a standard fit and support for a bargain, or the Defiance which is the standard for knee support because of it's support and custom fit.



I personally wear a knee brace for support when I play intramural sports. I chose the DJO A22 because of the light weight, functionality, and it flat out looks good.

DJO (DonJoy Ortho) is the world's leading provider for braces and can create a custom brace to your measurements to provide optimum support.

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Ben Criddle